Your photo on a billboard or poster

City. Busy streets. Advertising lights, banners, posters. And suddenly on one of the billboards you notice a familiar face. Wow! That's my buddy! And how did he get on this billboard?

And everything is very simple. FOTO-Mixer gives everyone the opportunity to be in the role of an advertising hero. On the poster of the cinema, with the appropriate inscriptions, which can be added to the word in any quantity.

On a theater pedestal, on a billboard, at a public transport stop. It is impossible not to believe in the plausibility of such a picture.

And for those who like hot FOTO-Mixer offers to place their photo on a poster in the hands of naked beauties. Can you imagine how cool it is! A stunning young lady holds a poster with your image.

Choose the appropriate advertising option, upload your photo and go ahead. FOTO-Mixer knows a lot about promotions.


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