Photo on money and bills

Money is one of the components of trade turnover and a means of livelihood. As they say, happiness is not in money, but in their quantity.

Now you have the opportunity to increase your capital and become a professional counterfeiter.

The production of banknotes of large denominations from different countries of the world is an obvious reality. And even with his own portrait on the banknote. Or with an image of a friend, girlfriend or a group of friends.

A great way for pranks and jokes. Choose the appropriate currency, insert your image and the banknote is ready.

That's how easy and simple it is to become not only a millionaire, but also a billionaire. Dollars, euros, pounds, marks, crowns, rubles, yuan, lira and piastres are a real find for a cheerful counterfeiter. And there is no need to rob banks. This money is enough for everyone.

Perfect for parties and birthdays, where the entrance can only be with a birthday bill of a certain dignity.

Create, give laughter and joy to family and friends, without stepping over the boundaries of the law.

Money and bills

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