Your image in the image of any character

If you want to see yourself in a completely unique image, become a military or a sultry beauty, an astronaut or a pilot, a sailor or a bartender, a medieval knight or a princess - no problem, FOTO-Mixer will help you with this.

A large collection of images (costumes) for photo collage is able to attract and give a good mood to any user.

You can become anyone in a few minutes spent in front of a computer monitor. Realistic images will not allow you to doubt the authenticity of the finished photo collage.

You just need to choose the image you want to be in and upload your photo from your computer. And then, as a real creator, do a few mouse manipulations and no one, even the closest people, will be able to distinguish the installation.

Great entertainment for children and adults, because everyone wants to change something in their life, so try to change yourself and the environment in the photo first.

Change, play friends, give such photo collages in the form of one-piece gifts.

They always cheer up and cause smiles of those viewing the photo album.

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